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The 100 Guitar Concert

Just in from Todd Mosby

"Here it is. The 100 Guitar Concert of the Year. A pretty massive event sponsored by St. Louis Symphony under the direction of David Roberstson at The Pageant on Thursday Nov 13, 2008 Doors @ 7:00PM show @ 8:00PM. Thank god. David will be playing in the alto gt secton which is where I will be (scary). We start rehearsals tomorrow for a piece that was scored for 80 guitars retuned and restrung, 20 basses normal tuning and one drummer.

I believe guitarists are coming in from all over to fill the chairs for this one. The blend of a guitar ensemble is amazing in itself and I have not ever heard it outside the walls of Berklee College of Music except for a Django Rhienhardt album I had and maybe some muzak statons my mother listened to in the 60's and early 70's. anyway, the score is very together and pretty much guitar friendly (gtr players are traditionally bad sight readers due to instrument complexity)."

Here are some links for the performance:
www.stltoday.com | www.thepageant.com

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