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    Clancy's Corner

   Clancy is a new addition here at STLBlues, and a longtime writer for Blues To Do in Seattle, WA. (WC Handy winner 2001 -Keeping The Blues Alive- pub. Marlee Walker)

Geneva Red
"In The Red"

Full Cyrkle- 2000
Produced @ Sun Studio by Michael Freeman

Many of you know Jef Jaison, photog of blues festivals, New Orleans, Piano Nights, WC Handy Awards, Jef gets around... last years King Biscuit Fest found Jef waylaid in Seattle. I was able to make the Biscuit and as a result met Geneva Red. who asked me if you are from Seattle "Where is Jef Jaison?" She was the first of at least a dozen folk asking the same question. Point being Red & I got to talkin, and she shyly mentioned she had a band, giged in Chicago and was harping for John Primer at the Biscuit! Cool, and I caught their act. And luckily now I have the disc.

It is Red's first album. And yes it is worth the price of admission. Full of toe tappin shuffles, very tasty guitar work, and Red herself on harpand witty vocals. She has surrounded herself with some very classy muscians. Sam Carr on drums [Jellyroll Kings w/ Frank Frost/esp. "Cotton Ain't King No More"] is only wonderful, and has a magic rythmic touch to go with Red's vocals. Most of the disc hails from Sun Studio in Memphis. It is a hand in glove fit. Floyd Murphy [Blue Flames/Jr. Parker] brings his guitar into the mix and enriches the sound the way such a pro would. Jackie 5&Dime is the guitar foil for Murphy. [Jackie suggested Carr's inclusion], "Dancin Shoes Shuffle" shows his lead work and sensative artistry; filling, easing off, and leading out, really a fun tune.

Geneva Red is also a good song writter. "If I'd Shot You", "Syatic blues", "They Tryin' To Ruin Us" & "My Tribute to DeFord" send me a message that she is plying a trade that will stand her in good stead. Very soulful, and a lot of life force in her delivery. Very believable yet not over powering. Lucky us. I really enjoy her Harmonica, at once breathy, paced, and emotive phrasing. It is subtle and not a barn burning she is about. She will have a place and her own path to make in the coming decades of blues. You can listen to this music early in the morning, or when you want to move cooly onto the dance floor. Also a welcome addition
to your female harmonica, vocalist, singer songwritter collection! Enjoy-and see you "In The Red" with Geneva Red & The Roadsters. Clancy Dunigan

Sora Young
"Learned My Lesson"

Delmark Records

It is always a delicious pleasure to listen to that disc that taps you and straps in on the way you never knew you liked it! So it went the night when Marlee sent Zora Young's "I Learned My Lesson"...Sorry never heard of her, it was her first disc. she ranges wide and 5 of 14 cuts she authors. The covers are respectfully done, with sylistic suave'. Zora Young can sing;
Gospel, jazz, blues, love songs, ballads, boogie woogie, and for my ear she owns 'em all! Ken Saydak accompanies with adept piano work throught. He of course is a hard act to follow, thus a winning collaboration. Raised in rural MS, with a gospel backround, wasn't allowed to sing the divils music [sic].

When the family moved to Chi Town that began to change. Collaboration & versatility has served her, as she vocalized with Bobby Rush, and Sunnyland Slim. Such associations and styles are appararent in her song selecitons for said reasons. As she covers "Nutbush City Limits" [Tina Turner], "Living In The USA" [C.Berry],"Please Send Me Someone To Love" [p.Mayfield}, "Better Off With The Blues" {D. McClinton] and more she manuevers artfully and seemingly quite comfortable with her personalizing the songs.

Her own "Brain Damage","Pity Party" "Johnny B" spotlight her songwritting, and personal 'witt, and heart in it' persona. Hats off to Delmark Records for finally putting this fine Blues Woman in front of us. A feast for the ears, lubrication for our witts, and sauve for our souls.

Another good musical offering for the distinguishing collector or good beef steak for the interested listner. enjoy--- Clancy Dunigan


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