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The Bottoms Up Blues Gang
”The Bottoms Up Blues Gang has earned a following the old-fashioned way; by playing its music – a mix of originals, blues and covers – in person and in front of as many people as possible.” -- Dean C. Minderman (RFT)

"On a side note, we’d just like to say thank you to all who voted for The BUBG in this years RFT Music Awards. However, we do take issue with the RFT for having a best of anything in terms of St. Louis Blues. By that we mean; if you had a list of Bennie Smith, Arthur Williams, Oliver Sain, Johnnie Johnon and Boo Boo Davis…there is no way to say who is best. If these annual awards were called ‘The RFT People’s Choice Awards,’ we’d have no qualm…but they’re not. We don’t believe we’re in any way the best St. Louis blues act, nor do we think there is a best St. Louis blues act. By far we believe this award is a representation of our hard work and of the continual support we receive from all of you who come out and provide us with the means to make a living playing music. And for that we say: Thank You St. Louis!"
-- The BUBG

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