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Chance To Help Blues In Canada! Today Only!

bluesincanada.comThis in from the great folks at DAWG and The Blues Trust in Canada. Please read and help! Today!

You have the opportunity to give Blues music and the musicians who perform it a louder voice. DAWG FM is the pet project of the Torres Brothers from Canada to license and operate a network of five all-Blues radio stations in Canada from coast to coast.

The license was at first approved, but sent back to the Canadian broadcast authority, CRTC, for reconsideration and hearing. A show of support, in the form of a letter to advocate the need for media access for Blues music, will help their cause greatly. Like America, Canada is a democracy and a part of that process is to speak up for what you believe in and what will add to the quality of life for society.

If you are a musician or simply a person who believes that Blues music deserves a broader reach, you owe it to yourself to take the simple, easy steps to be heard. Too many people do not participate in a cooperative manner because they do not see the value to them as an individual. It's not their deal, so they can't be bothered. We have to be united to reap the benefits that a network of 24/7 Blues stations can bring.

The Blues Trust knows all too well what governmental bureaucracy can do to sap the will out of good intentions. In DAWG's case they must satisfy a language criterion, spelled out in the broadcast act in their licensing process. It is ironic that the music that transcends cultures should have a stipulation like this placed as an obstacle to being heard. But there is strength in spirit and the music referred to by Ronnie Earl as “The Language of the Soul” will triumph; but only if we speak up. Don't pass up this huge opportunity to help Blues music thrive in Canada and beyond.

The deadline for a show of support is today, Thursday, February 12!

That means this has to be done right now! Follow the link to bluesincanada.com to file your letter online. Do it for the music!

Above item courtesy of: Blues in Canada

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