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Winner of a copy of Highway 61!

Buddy T, out of South Africa

Q: Who is this Artist?

This Blues artist was born in Houston, raised on grandfather Rev 'Punk' Davison's farm, and was billed as 'The Singing Preacher'

Bukka White !

Bill McKeen’s Highway 61

Highway 61In this freewheeling, fun-filled book. McKeen takes us along as he travels the length of legendary Highway 61 with his college-age son, Graham. With their motto of ‘free spirits on the loose,” the two free-fall through some of the most musically fertile and diverse landscapes in America, taking in live music and local foods, and meeting some of the most interesting characters around - from Lil’ Howlin’ Wolf, Dick Dale, and David Smooley Billy Bird the First to truck-stop waitresses and honky-tonk bar owners......con'td

McKeen is an expert on the history of rock n’ roll and the blues, and Highway 61 combines this expertise with a heartwarming father-and-son tale with genuine local flavor.

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Winner of Highway 61!
Buddy T., from South Africa

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