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World Renowned Deke Dickerson and the Eccofonics

Deke DickersonBeale on Broadway summer roots rock series continues Saturday, May 27th with the world renown Deke Dickerson and the Eccofonics. Considered by many to be finest rock-a-billy guitar today. Be sure to see his website for all media, www.dekedickerson.com

Showtime is Saturday 5/27, at 9pm. Tickets are $7.00. Special guest appearance by the St. Louis' own award winning "Scott Kay and the Continentals". Both acts will be rotating sets for the whole evening for a great house party feel.

Deke's Bio: The Melody Deke Dickerson cuts a huge figure, both literally and figuratively, in the landscape of American roots music. In a world where cartoonlike "retro" and "revival" acts come and go with the seasons, Deke has maintained an entirely different standard of musicianship by continuing to do what he does best, mixing the best American musical styles of the last five decades.

He is regarded as one of the most respected and versatile guitar players around, even prompting Reverend Horton Heat to declare on his web site that Deke is "the best rockabilly guitar player in the whole world!" In the Americana genre he is regarded as a true musicologist, mixing together genres as disparate as old-time country, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, doo-wop, and surf. In rockabilly he is acknowledged as one of the very top acts in the world and regularly headlines festivals from Las Vegas to Finland.

Deke's music has appeared in a slew of movie and television soundtracks, most recently in last year's Oscar-winning movie Sideways and the TV show Monster Garage.

Deke's latest brainchild is his newest record, The Melody. "I wanted to put out an album of songs that had such strong melodies that they simply wouldn't leave your head," he explains. "It's not a 'pop' album as some people have assumed. It's the same mixture of my favorite American forms of music that I've always played, but done in a way that will make every song stay in your head for weeks. Each one I chose had such a memorable melody that it affected the whole project."

Most of the songs are originals by Deke, from the rocking "Someone Used to Love Me" to the doo-wop ballad "Love Is Like a Song" (featuring Deke singing all four parts of a harmony doo-wop group!) to the honky-tonk story-song "Good Time Gal." Sandwiched in between are some choice covers, including Willie Nelson's "I Never Cared for You" (redone as a spaghetti-western surf ballad) and Jerry Lee Lewis's rollicking "As Long as I Live." Deke's right-hand man and Ecco-Fonic drummer extraordinaire Chris Sprague contributes two numbers, "Right or Wrong" and "Give Me All Your Love."

Musically, The Melody is Deke's strongest album yet. He made a conscious decision this time around not to feature any guest stars; the band includes only a few core musicians whose strengths serve to highlight the focus of the songs. In addition to Chris Sprague on drums and harmony vocals, there's Jimmy Sutton (Mighty Blue Kings, Four Charms, Wayne Hancock) on bass, Carl Sonny Leyland (Big Sandy's Fly-Rite Boys and an incredible solo musician in his own right) on piano, and Dave "D.B." Berzansky (Hacienda Brothers) on steel guitar.

Throughout The Melody, Deke Dickerson proves once again not only that he appreciates the many different worlds of roots music, but also that he excels at their performance and has fun doing it. He pushes the boundaries and demonstrates that, unlike many of his contemporaries, he will not be content to cover the same ground over and over again. The CD sets a new high-water mark for roots musicians everywhere.

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