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Blues galleries by Ladi Di

Dianna - STLBlues Street Teamer

"I agree with you 100% about the move to keep the blues and artist alive...and that means any way possible...and I will do my part to keep it going....I have so many pictures that I want to share with you".....
Dianna - STLBlues Street Team
Rebirth of Rondo Blues Deluxe at Blue Berry Hill

I was there that night and it was a long time coming...and it was worth the wait...Rondo sounds better than ever...Steve Waldman is back with the group as well...and when Rondo and Steve gets together...hold on to your seats...and get ready to take off.....they had the place rocking...along with Raul who also likes to eat his guitar as the photos show...and can hold his own when it come to playing.....the key board player Mike is also someone to take notice and it wouldn't't be complete without the rest of the band...includes Nephew on bass and Kenny on the drums...

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