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Blues History MailbagQ: Is there any record of Robert Johnson ever playing in St. Louis??
I've heard a story about when he played there and had both men and woman crying during 'Come on in my Kitchen'. Did this really happen??
thanks, zeppelinman

 A: The story that you refer to is from Johnny Shines. I don't know of any other source for that incident and the only tale that I know of concerning Robert Johnson in St Louis is from Henry Townsend. Townsend says that he met Johnson at a place near Biddle Street. He described Johnson's performance as "gifted" and that he held the audience's attention. But Townsend does not mention that the men and women cried while he played.

Robert Johnson was in St Louis at one time and he most likely sought out the city's guitar legend Lonnie Johnson who was one of the most popular and innovative guitarists of the twenties, and certainly an influence for the young Robert Johnson.

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