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Rockin' Jake news

Rockin' Jake Had a great time at Jazz Fest, hope you did too. We didn't get to see much music as we worked alot and then slept. The real high point for me was staying in my old neighborhood (thanks Jen) and seeing old friends, some I haven't seen since before "The Thing". In this new e-blast format, somehow I feel inclined to tell some stories occasionally. I'd love to hear your feedback on the new format (and the stories).

Here's one for you...it's called "The story of how Karma works" with the moral of the story, "never steal from a musician!": Last week,as we were performing at The Jazz Emporium on Bourbon St. during Jazz Fest, I was taking a solo with my eyes closed. When I opened them, there was a young lady with one of my harps in her mouth, blissfully playing along (in the wrong key). I snatched the harp from her mitts (while still soloing) and didn't think any more about it. After the gig, I was relaxing in the dressing room and had left all my gear on stage. One of the security guys came backstage with my harp belt and said people were taking my harps. I counted the harps and noticed 3 were missing. The security guy said, "I know who took them" and two security guys then took off onto Bourbon St. to find the culprits. They came back a while later saying they found the culprits and my harmonica and they were both in the 8th District Police station in the French Quarter. When I got there, these young people (one was the same girl who was "gumming" my harp earlier in the club) were not looking as happy as when they were in the club. I did not press charges and let them go when they reimbursed me for the other two missing harps. I did lecture them about it not being good to steal from musicians...bad Karma, man! It's funny how Karma works, I knew it was gonna come back at them, but not this soon! Chalk one up for our side. Special thanks to Cory and Lee from The Jazz Emporium. They searched many bars on Bourbon St. before they found these kids. That's my story for now, many more to come, I'm sure. Looking forward to seeing you at the gigs.

Peace, Love and Music!


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