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Jeff Healey Unauthorized Release

Jeff HealeyOn November 4th Arbor Records, a small Winnipeg label specializing in Aboriginal recordings, plan to release a double CD/DVD set of material by the Jeff Healey Band, which broke up in 2002.

The release consists of early singles and unreleased live material, and is being released in collaboration with the former drummer in the Jeff Healey Band, Tom Stephen.

The release of this compilation, titled Legacy Volume One is being done against the wishes of the Healey Estate and his family. By the time of his death last March, Jeff had long ceased to have any association — creative or otherwise — whatsoever with Mr. Stephen, and had long endured a bitter feud with the former drummer, who claimed he was owed monies and rights to Jeff’s music.

Cristie Healey, Jeff Healey’s widow, released a statement that she was “deeply and sadly disappointed” that the label, who were notified of the Estate’s objections, went ahead with the release — and that EMI Canada saw fit to handle the distribution of the record.

“We ask that Jeff’s fans please refrain from purchasing this compilation out of respect for Healey and his family. This release is NOT authorized or supported in any way by Jeff’s estate.”

Ms. Healey said the family felt that the collection lacked the care and attention that any “legacy” project should deserve. One disc consists of “yet another ‘hits’ compilation and the bonus disc is an assembly of inferior tracks that have been readily available for download for years.”

Aside from the Mess of Blues CD that was released with Jeff Healey’s active participation and approval this past spring on Stony Plain in Canada, and Ruf Records in Europe and the U.S., there have been no other releases since his death.

However, the Healey Estate does plan to authorize the release of other Jeff Healey recordings in the future, including a Jeff Healey Jazz Wizards release to join the three already available on Stony Plain.

Said Ms. Healey: “The estate will ensure that future releases are assembled with the care and attention that they deserve out of respect for Jeff and his fans around the world.

“Other releases, which have not been authorized or approved by the Healey Estate, do not honor Jeff's memory or the legacy of his art, and are merely being released to exploit Jeff’s name.”

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