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Norton Buffalo Asks for Love, Prayers, Healing and Light

Norton Buffalo Asks for Love, Prayers, Healing and Light
Norton Buffalo sent out the following e-mail on Monday, September 7. “I came home from the Steve Miller tour with pneumonia last Sunday. Wednesday evening, I was diagnosed with a stage 4 adenocarcinoma in my lungs, brain and possibly elsewhere in my body.

I am focusing all of my energy on healing and filling my entire being with love and light. Lisa and I just arrived in Montana where I will be treated by a great healer, Doc J.C. Hugh MacKImmie. He will be working with me today and tomorrow, (Monday and Tuesday). Please support us both by sending your love, prayers and healing light. You are all part of my circle of beloved friends and fans and right now I need you all more than ever.

I am open to receive all blessings.

I will put a page up on my website when I return home to let you know more details as they come forth. Thank you for being there for me through the years.

Love and blessings to you all,
Harmonically, Norton Buffalo"


Publisher's note - Those at STLBlues know well how this disease impacts. Please send all your blessings and healing energy out to this man who's given joy to so many!

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