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    Oliver Sain - The Man with the Golden Horn

Oliver was a friend to STLBlues and countless fans and musical colleagues. Here's Oliver's site/guestbook, in case you'd like to say a few words. Loved by many and missed by all who knew him, may Olivers music be eternal. Here's some glimpses of Mr. Oliver Sain, as we remember him so fondly. (10-30-03)

Oliver with Little Milton
Oliver and good friend Little Milton

There's a hole in St. Louis as big as the moon, Oliver Sain has left the room,

To meet his maker this October day, Man I loved to hear him play,

With a heart of gold and a soul too blue, He laid down his licks for me and you,

He's the only cat that I ever knew, Who could blow his horn and fill the room, With joyous tears in deepest blue,

His soul drippin sound so sweet and true, He could take your heart and make it new. Man could he play the blues! Bo Rain - found in Olivers guestbook

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