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"Harmonica Hurricane" touches down at BB's Jazz Blues and Soups!
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by "Miss Vickie"
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"Harmonica Hurricane" touches down at BB's Jazz Blues and Soups!

This event was originally a gig for Bill Lupkin and his band, the Chicago Blues Coalition . They were in from Indiana with a very special guest, Nick Moss from Chicago. Now if the "Hurricane" had not happened, this night of music would have "Rocked the house" without any trouble...but Bill agreed to work with John May and include several of St. Louis' finest harmonica players. The rest is history on this date, Sunday March 11, 2007.

Rockin' JakeThe first artist to play was Rockin' Jake. Jake came to us by way of the Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans, so it made sense to see him in this hurricane! (laughter) He blew the stage apart like the forces that swept him into St. Louis. He is a powerful act, coupled with Nick Moss on guitar. The night had just begun and the roof was on fire!! Nick Moss has his own powerful rhythm and rocks the stage is Chicago and nationally with his band, the Flip Tops…..but they stayed home this night and Nick came here to play! He accompanied Rockin' Jake and Eric McSpadden. Eric came on after Jake had paved the way for a great night of blues harmonica. When Eric plays, the audience lights up, and when he sings, the women just melt!

Next on stage was Keith Doder, accompanied by his guitar player, Darren Helton. I'll be giving you web site information to check out all of these great musicians. I can only say "outstanding" a million times for these folks! Each of their performances were given with much love for the music as well as with the love of their art. No one was better than the other. They were all "OUTSTANDING"! (laughter).

Sandy Weltman came on after Keith. He was accompanied by one of our most talented guitar players in St. Louis and in the world, Dave Black. What a combination on stage! Dave has a recognizable style and it blended perfectly with Sandy's gentle harmonica notes. Once the St. Louis musicians were showcased, Bill Lupkin came to the stage with his band and Nick Moss. As I said before, if the hurricane had not hit, these guys would have been just as much fun to see on their own! The Chicago Blues Coalition tore it up! Bill Lupkin was great on harp and Nick Moss' guitar riffs made the audience stop and listen! What a great sound he had! The audience was overwhelmed by the music! I can't wait to see them come back to BB's and play three whole sets!

This night at BB's at the Harmonica Hurricane, we were witness to a "Brotherhood" of musicians from Indiana, Chicago and St. Louis. There are many stories here tonight, but this was about the respect of the "Brotherhood". "If you wanted to hear harmonica, tonight, this is the place to be!” says John May. He produced another great night of blues and music here at BB's.

Each musician on stage tonight has his own web site. I urge you all to check out each one. Learn about these guys and follow them to their gigs. You'll be glad you did!

I want to thank John May for his foresight into music and his productions. For a night of music, this one brought them all out for a great time, once again! John May, you Rock!

P.S. If you want to see more of Nick Moss and this time with the Flip Tops, you are in luck! They will be coming back to BB's on Wednesday May 9, 2007. Mark your calendar!

Check out these web sites:
www.bbsjazzbluesoups.com | www.billlupkin.com | www.nickmoss.com | www.spiderblue.com | www.rockinjake.com
www.sandyweltman.com | www.hometown.aol.com/dblackstl | www.myspace.com/southsidemcspadden

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