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Tom Hall Benefit
by "Miss Vickie"
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an interview w/Nick MossNick Moss Returns to BB's Jazz Blues and Soups..an interview w/Nick Moss

“Tis the season, people! I wrote to a friend in Rhode Island that this is the time of year to hear some of the greatest music around. As you all know, a lot of people travel during this season to visit family and friends and that includes musicians. I have spent the last few nights down at BB's Jazz Blues and Soups. The holiday atmosphere abounds down there during this time of the year and I have been blessed to be able to party with a lot of friends. Presently, John May is working with PBS. There has been more music this week down there just for the purposes of taping. This is a great opportunity for exposure for those participating as well as for those just coming down to listen. “Come on down and party with me at BB's” is the theme for this season! I enjoy seeing my friends and making new ones. People come in to eat, drink, and be merry, listen to some really great blues, and hang out. While talking to some of the musicians that have been hanging out this week, I am told that they are all looking forward to seeing Nick Moss return to St. Louis next week. Nick will be joining Los Carnales at BB's on Tues and Wed, Dec 11 & 12, 2007. Barrelhouse Chuck was to join him, but has been called away to a gig in Europe. Ahhh, Europe at Christmas. Oh well, I'll never see it, but I will be down at BB's for the two nights Nick will be in town. (big smile)

Barrelhouse Chuck wants everyone to know that he is very sorry not to be able to make this trip to St. Louis, but will return with Nick Moss in the spring, we hope. He travels the world over and welcomes the opportunity to play in St. Louis soon. Don't worry Barrelhouse! We'll be here to see you when you hit our town! Have fun in Spain!

Nick knows Preston Hubbard, bass player for Los Carnales, and got to talking...then the gig is scheduled. You may be surprised to know that many gigs are planned like this. I love communication!! One starts talking to one then the music begins. Nick really enjoys coming to St. Louis and playing at BB's. He's very excited to be coming to play with his friends. Isn't that what it's all about, people? Having fun with your friends! I spoke with Paul Bonn, lead vocalist for Los Carnales, last night at BB's. He is looking forward to Nick Moss on stage. Me too! These two gigs he's scheduled to play next week, will be fun! The musicians are friends coming together to play over the holidays and enjoying themselves. No pressure to be anything but real, Baby! Mark your calendar and join me and many others over the holiday at BB's Jazz Blues and Soups for Los Carnales with special guest, Nick Moss, Tues and Wed, Dec 11 & 12, 2007! These two nights will be filled with joy, laughter, great music, and you never know...someone else may be in the neighborhood and stop in to play with their friends!

To learn more about Nick Moss, Barrelhouse Chuck, and Los Carnales and more about who's coming to BB's...go to --


and of course, right here at STLBlues

Thanks to Nick Moss for his time and words today and Happy Holidays Everybody! Be safe and enjoy!!

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