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"This Was All Meant To Be!" - Alvin Jett and the Phat noiZ Blues Band

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~ Miss Vickie@STLBlues.net ~

I guarantee it! This band has some major talent! I cannot begin to describe how "in tune" they are with each other. This band has been making it's mark for the last four years in our town, and they are JUST getting started! I had a lot of fun with this interview.

Miss Vickie: "Hey Alvin! How did you get started in music?"

Alvin Jett:
"I was bored as a child." (laughter) Actually, I love music. I was a child when I picked up with music". It was fun talk to the band and get to know them up close.

Frank Bauer, sax player since the inception of the Phat noiZ Blues Band, started out playing in grade school then stopped for awhile. One night at the Chicago Blues Festival he hooked up with a street performer to play for fun, and found himself buying a saxaphone as soon as he arrived back in St. Louis! Bless that street performer!

Matt Davis, bass player for the band, is an original member. He hooked up with Alvin via "word of mouth". "Word of mouth" is a musician's best friend. Our music community is strong when it comes to getting out "the word". What a great opportunity for Matt when Alvin needed a bass player. (And he loves Jerry Lee Lewis..woohoo!)

Speaking of "word of mouth", Matthew Murdick gets around just that way! You know Matt! He plays keyboards and writes songs for Elvis. (laughter) Seriously, he freelances in St. Louis playing keyboards. He's great! He was Alvin's "special guest" the night I caught these guys down at BB's. (BB's Jazz Blues and Soups)

Miss Vickie: "Hey Matthew, how did you get started on the keys?"

Matthew Murdick: "I was a sax player who couldn't find any work." (Big Laughter)

Jeremy West: Drummer for the band. He too is an original member. He's "Quite Original" (laughter). This is a funny guy and a good drummer. He has a lot of energy and puts a lot of hard work into his sound. The blend of these musicians and the talent that lies in this band is outstanding! Two CD's have been released by Alvin Jett and the Phat noiZ Band. Wet My Beak, produced by Eric Steinman and Milk and Cookies, produced by Steve Ewing. Milk and Cookies is getting alot of good reviews. Did you know that all of the songs written for this CD are "home grown" writings from Alvin, Matt, and Frank? They love to write and it shows when you listen to this CD. Jeremy likes to write and is looking forward to the next CD. Alvin says it's in the works...slowly...(laughter)

You will have fun with Alvin Jett and the Phat noiZ Blues Band! I did. Alvin and the band take it to the audience! He's a real showman and the band has fun with the music. I wish to thank the entire band for this interview. Thank you Alvin, Matt, Jeremy, and Frank. You guys rock! Check these guys out!

-- www.PhatnoiZ.com --

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