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Candye Kane - - White Trash Girl
{2005 | Ruf Records}
-- by Shannon --

Candye Kane - - White Trash Girl
When I first got asked to review this CD I was thinking there is no way an ex-porn, ex-welfare, bisexual woman that sings about "Masturbation Blues" will be anything that I dig. Well, honestly, I kinda liked it. I listened to this disc with a totally open mind and I feel that's what you should also as a listener. Candye says on her liner notes that "being a white trash girl isn't an insult to her; it's a culmination and a celebration of my entire life." Candye actually started her life as a gang banger at the age of 15 and by 17 she was posing for magazines such as Juggs and Hustler. She has been repeatedly rejected by record companies for her risky background, but the woman has an incredible voice!!! It reminds me of a rough Patsy Cline country type of thing. The only person willing to believe in her (aside from herself) was Cliff Antone of the Antone's Texas Blues club fame. There are also some fabulous musicians on this album as well. I was very surprised to see one of my favorite harp players, Gary Pimich, in this fine group of musicians. Here are the track listings and remember folks: It takes all kinds to make up this big world of ours!!!


Candye Kane - singin' the blues
Gary Primich - harp
Preston Hubbard - bass (who now lives in St. Lou)
Damien Llanes - drums (former Nick Curran drummer!)
Jeff Ross, Johnny Moeller & David Grissom - guitars
The Texas Horns - horns
Riley Osbourn - piano & organ
Background Vocals on "It Must Be Love"- The Texas Horns, Thomas Ruf, Andrew Halbreich & Adam Brauer


1. White Trash Girl - love the harp on this opening track

2. Estrogen Bomb - my new theme song! Nice organ and guitar

3. What Happened to the Girl - slow song about a gir, hmmmm friend or other?

4. What a Day for a Daydream - the Loving Spoonful pop hit with a bluesy feel

5. Big Fat Mamas are Back in Style - my favorite song on the disc; very swingy & jazzy

6. Queen of the Wrecking Ball - Rockin' heart breakin' blues

7. Misunderstood - slow with nice 30's/40's style vocals

8. I Wanna Do More - love the sound of the bass on this one; Go Preston!

9. It Must Be Love - I was diggin' the background vocals. It's a song about true love.

10. Work What You Got - great piano with a boogie jump all about being yourself

11. I Could Fall for You - mellow blues; I can see the slow dancers lining up now

12. Mistress Carmen - boogie song about watching women dance (I'll stick w/ men!)

13. Masturbation Blues - horrible title; true and very funny lyrics

14. Let There Be Peace on Earth - piano and vocal solo; awesome vocal quality

Though this isn't at all a traditional blues album, there are some funny, unique, and fantastic songs on this disc. It's totally different than anything I have heard on the blues scene. Give it a shot and you just may like it too. I won't say it's my favorite, but I enjoyed doing the review. At least it wasn't boring - that's for sure! I give it 3.5 of 5 on the STLBluesometer rating. Learn more about Candye at www.candyekane.com.


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