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 2004 - A Record Year

  We've had a record year at STLBlues. Hard to imagine that something conceived of as a hobby has evolved into something this big...and with no end in sight. We've worked with so many great people and events!

The friends we've made along the way are priceless. We owe a debt of gratitude to all the musicians, venues, and sponsors who've helped STLBlues keep our dream alive. And especially you, the viewer! You keep coming back for more, and we'll keep bringing you STLBlues, served fresh all the time!

Some very special thanks goes out to the Street Team --
There's Dianna, AKA Lady Di, who is one of the most prolific music photographers around - watch out Photo Joe! There's Neece, AKA rockandrollchick, who launched our message board, and serves as moderator when time allows. There's Big Jim, out on the Left Coast, who serves as our California Blues connection. Shannon, a STLBlues show reviewer / most frequent message board contributor, has followed love, and is relocated up to Milwaukee, where she covers the Blues scene as time allows. And last, but far from least, is Peter AKA Cornbread AKA 'the idea guy'. Peter has added significantly to STLBlues, as both the hardest workin' CD reviewer STLBlues has ever known, and also for his invaluable input to the future growth of STLBlues. Cornbread is also keeper of the STLBluesometer - the most significant investment STLBlues has ever made!

Dave and Shauna Above all, I want to thank my wife Shauna for her endless support. Over the years, her patience and understanding of my Blues time - attending shows, traveling to fests, and hours in front of the PC - has given me the ability to publish STLBlues.

2004 brought sudden life changes to our home, and there was a time when STLBlues ceased to exist to me. My lovely wife was diagnosed with cancer. Things that seemed important, suddenly lost all meaning. Gradually, as we adapted to the new life we found ourselves in, we realized that the things that we had enjoyed, the people we had in our lives, meant more to us than ever before. Due to Shauna's support, insistence, and inspiration, STLBlues is back - better than ever.

The 3rd Annual STLBlues concert - set for BB's on March 13th - is dedicated to my sweet wife, Shauna, and also in memory of a good friend, Mr. Oliver Sain. All door proceeds will be for cancer research.

It's been quite a ride, these 4+ years of STLBluesin. We've attended so many great shows, met countless new friends, and have been able to export the St. Louis Blues scene throughout the world! Watch for great things to happen, and keep coming back for more!

-- David Beardsley, editor/publisher STLBlues --

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