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Hudson & the Hoo Doo Cats

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We offer a CD of the Week to be spotlighted on the home page. We use a JPEG of the CD cover for about a week (Tuesday - Sunday). This JPEG will link to a bio on the CD and review of the CD. Within the bio folks will have ability to buy the CD from your site or CD store if available. The fee is nominal to have the CD of the Week - $15 plus 3 CD's (one to review, one to archive for future generations in our library, and the third to be used for promotion, like a give-a-way on the site). There will only be one CD of the week and is limited to one time per CD.

For more information or to sign up your CD, contact me (Cornbread). Remember, the CD of the Week is limited to one and will be a first-come, first-serve basis. As always, we are happy to review your CD and post the review to STLBlues.

- Don't forget to ask me how to join the Parking Lot and the Friends of STLBlues!

Be sure to check back soon for the CD of the Week and Parking Lot as the CD's will be changing.

Cornbread  |  Cornbread@STLBlues.net

To submit CD's or contact us at STLBlues, send to:
Cornbread c/o STLBlues.net
11469 Olive Blvd., Suite 163
St. Louis, MO 63141

Read what they're saying

Thanks Cornbread!!

I'm so thankful for your interest in the band... I know that you and the stlblues.net site will help in spreading the word on our music/CD..you're a huge help to independent bands such as us.

God bless,
Mark Sells
Brothers N’ Blues

Dear Cornbread:

Thanks for the coverage. We appreciate your time and energy. We've got you on the list for upcoming mailings. Look for #3 - the live cd - some time in June.

On behalf of the Band,

Rose Allen

Hey Cornbread!!!!!

This is a great review, Man you really get what I am trying to do on this CD. I have a lot of experience with different kinds of music and it is right there on that CD. I want to thank you personally - a great review!!!

Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings


Just a very quick but heartfelt thank you for such a nice review of our Final Four show... you da man! We'll be talkin' soon!

Dave Mulford
Guitarist and vocalist for The Piping Hot Buttery Biscuits Of Blues

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