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   You may think that STLBlues is all we do, blues, blues, blues! As much as I wish that were true, it don't pay the bills! I do have a 'day gig' as a St. Louis County Fire Dept. paramedic. On June 27th, my duty evening consisted of a PR appearence at a local retirement village, to stand by in case the fireworks show got out of control. It seemed like a nice event, with food, fireworks, and live music...better than a lot of PR events we do.

Then to my surprise, when I heard the band of the evening announced....it was none other than Alvin Jett & the Hired Help! Felt like I was at fest, other than being in uniform and no beer. But a great event, thanks to AJ and the guys for livening up an evening for all! Be sure and stop by to see their newest CD/DVD offerings!

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