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Larry Griffin and Eric McSpadden

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The artists that BB's brings to the stage are very talented, as is the case with Larry Griffin and Eric McSpadden. They opened for Miss Erma Whiteside, Saturday, March 10, 2007. Both men are long time music lovers, artists, and residents of St. Louis. They have played around town for many years, as early as the 1980's and are well known individuals in the music community. Larry Griffin plays guitar and sings; Eric McSpadden plays harmonica and also sings. What a treat to see them together on stage as a duet! The style of music you hear can be classified as "American Classical Music" in that you will hear, some Elmore James, as Larry plays slide guitar, James Cotton, as Eric plays harp, and a wide range of other influences from country, bluegrass, and of course, blues.

The two hooked up after hanging out at the Monday Night Jam Session down at the Broadway Oyster Bar. A long time tradition and a great way to see many artists, both up and coming as well as the old timers play together and have fun on stage. All are welcome to come down and join in.

Larry and Eric have played together off and on for about the last 13-14 years. Familiarity breeds great timimg and even greater music. As a result of this long time friendship and mutual respect, Larry knew Eric was a natural selection to join him on his latest cd, Trouble No More. An excellent combination of guitar, harp and voices with songs written by Larry Griffin. This is a cd that truely belongs in your collection!

Eric McSpadden started playing harmonica around the age of 17. He liked the sound. He had heard this sound on many records by Ray Charles, Muddy Waters, Lee Oscar and James Cotton. He began playing with MoJo Syndrome around 1986. This band now includes Eric, Larry Griffin, Derrick Morgan and various drummers. This is a popular band that plays around town from time to time and will begin the spring by playing at the Blumenhoff Winery in Dutzow, MO and the Montel Winery in Augusta, Mo. Those winery gigs are always a good time!

Eric has played on many albums with many artists, including Margaret Bianchetta; a cd called Margaret and Eric. Eric and Margaret's voices compliment each other and you can clearly hear their talent. Rich McDonough picked up Eric, Sharon Foehner on bass, and Joe Pastor on drums and Rocks the house at BB's on Thursdays. Eric blasts his harmonica and produces a sound with his voice that clearly comes as a great gift! A must see show for all to enjoy!

Larry Griffin was influenced by his older brother Jim, who is 12 years his senior. His dad loved to listen to country music and Jim played alot of Hank Williams songs. Even though Larry loves the blues, he was heavily influenced by country music. As he says, "Country and Blues tell the same story." And he's right! You can hear the blends in his music when he plays. Front Porch, Bluegrass, Country, Blues all crossover. You can also hear the influences that were made from his time with the Tommy Bankhead Band, as well as the influences from listening to Ike Turner, Albert King, and Oliver Sain. You can hear Larry and Eric at a new venue on South Grand called Erato. A new wine bar with great food. Check it out!
Thanks to Eric McSpadden and Larry Griffin for this interview and the great music they continue to provide us!
And as Larry Griffin says, "Thanks to STLBLUES.Net for providing this service and for keeping our names out there. We appreciate that you get the music out there and that's the main thing! We appreciate all of the work you guys do!"

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