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  Meet the STLBlues Street Team
Dave 'Big Dave' Beardsley


My role is easy... showcasing the richness of a great American Art form - the Blues - from one of the worlds finest Blues cities, St. Louis, MO.

2000: Founded STLBlues.net
2001: Began band bookings & artist development efforts
2007: Launched the Live Music Calendar, with thousands of daily visits
2008: Received the 'Keeping The Blues Alive' Award' from the Memphis based Blues Foundation
2009: Created the Live Music Guide
2010: Helped launch Bluesweek fest
2010: Co-founded the National Blues Museum along with co-founder Mike Kociela, and the real work began
2016: Celebrated the National Blues Museum grand opening as part of the inaugural NBM leadership team

I'm all in when it comes to the Blues, passionately dedicated to STLBlues live music, music promotion and publicity pursuits by night,
and the National Blues Museum by day. It's my OCD, and I embrace it :-)

STLBlues began as a hobby, and has since grown into an innovative music promotion & publicity company, based in St. Louis, with band, venue and advertising connections around the world, and thousands of daily visitors. The entire STLBlues Street Team is dedicated to the celebration and preservation of this genre we all love.

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"The STLBlues Live Music Calendar is wonderfully simple and easy to use.  I give it a "4 Thumbs Up!" Also, don't let the "Blues" wording fool you, STLBlues lists ALL types of music from bluegrass to rock to zydeco. This site deserves to grow like wildfire!"
-- The Highlands Brewing Company

"Thanks STLBlues, you are a jewel...
this is the biggest crowd we have ever had!!"
-- Delta Frank Black, WGLT Blues DJ

"It's so easy to use and I love having control over the calendar,
with last minute gig changes it's awesome!!"
-- Thanks! BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups

“Hey, Dave! THANK YOU for providing such wonderful tools!”

-- Liz Lottmann - President, Ozark Blues Society of Northwest Arkansas
Performing-Recording Artist
Co-Owner, Ginnin’ Cotton Records

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Kim 'Fest Junkie' Welsh

Greetings from the Crescent City... New Orleans! I live for the next festival or live music event. My passions are photography and music and they go together like red beans and rice. I live near New Orleans, so I am fortunate to have access to one of our great cities for music.

I enjoy cultural events such as second line parades, jazz funerals (We put the FUN in FUNeral!), Mardi Gras Indians, and rhythms of all genres, but preferably BLUES!

I cut my teeth on the Beatles, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin. I love Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Hiatt, Buddy Guy, Sonny Landreth, John Mooney, and all Delta blues.

I look forward to keeping you abreast of events in the Southeast of our great country. May all of your blues be on the radio... or LIVE if you seek it out!

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Jim V.Big Jim Von Tellrop

From Dave Beardsley - "Jim has been a 'Deep Blues' mentor long before we began STLBlues in 2000, and is our Left Coast contact.

Before he was was a STLBlues Street Teamer, he was my largest sparring partner at 6'4", as we went from white to black belts together in the Bushido system of karate. Packs a strong reverse punch, and plays a mean harp, too! He's one of the reasons STLBlues exists."

If you're a band or event and call the west coast home, make sure you contact Big Jim!

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Charles PoolCharlie "Three Rivers" Pool

I came to the St Louis area in 1980, and have been playing traditional old time music on the fiddle.   I had classical violin training through high school. After I graduated (in 1966 from Quincy High School) I switched to rock and country fiddle. 

Most of the blues tunes I do are old county and pre-1940s early blues.  When I can sit in with a band then I'll play blues in whatever style the band is playing, so I can swing, jam, or rock out when amped up.

I currently play the acoustic fiddle for occasional party gigs as the Bates Street Folk and Blues Band with Charlie Haller (singing, guitar, banjo).  Dave Werner (bass), Dave Hagerty (guitar), and John Winn (guitar or banjo) are itenerate FSFB band members on call.  

I also occasionally perform Celtic, Folk, Oldtime, Ragtime and Blues as a friend of Nancy Lippencott (singer, guitar, mandolin, Irish tenor banjo, hammer-dulcimer) & Friends. l keep the Open Mic and Jam Session pagecurrent here at STLBlues!

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Joseph East Side Slim

Long time resident of the right-side of the Mighty Mississippi, East Side Slim is an aficionado of all forms of music branching from the Great Mother Tree of blues. After many years spent in a seemingly endless quest for music of the soul (and the occasional top-flight barley pop), this quest was sated upon sinking deep, deep roots into the ground surrounding ol' Saint Lou.

When not working, enjoying family and friends or pursuing musical enlightenment, East Side Slim also enjoys scuttlebuttin', concocting Tang-based beverages, hunting for that elusive perfect bowling shirt, and turning YOU on to great music via his reviews on www.stlblues.net.

"Really enjoyed your write up on the CD.  In my experience it's rare that a reviewer listens as intently as you"

Tas Cru

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Cat MuesCat Mues

I live in one of the finest music cities in the world, St. Louis, MO!

I'm a self-proclaimed live music junkie, and proud of it! Love my rock and roll, blues, and when it involves motorcycles in any way, I'm almost in heaven. I enjoy being a DJ on several local shows, and using my radio shows to help create awareness of local artists, events, and the National Blues Museum in development here in St. Louis! I also love to play guitar.

I grew up a big fan of music....my dad made guitars, made Chuck Berry a guitar, and it wasn't uncommon to have Chuck Berry to the house for a jam session! He also made guitars for all his kids! My music influences growing up included the Beatles, Janis Joplin, Herb Alpert and the Tijiuana Brass, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin. Did I mention the Beatles :-).

I work with many of the best live music venues of St. Louis, and really enjoy booking the musicians and helping keep live music going strong. I'm a social media maven, and you'll see me posting ....SQUIRREL.... from the coolest shows in town.

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