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"Guitar" Paul Rosko With Some San Diego Blues News
"Guitar" Paul Rosko
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by "Miss Vickie"
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"Guitar" Paul Rosko With Some San Diego Blues News:
8th Annual Spring Harmonica Festival Saturday April 7, 2007, LaMesa, Ca.
I love meeting new people! I especially love meeting musicians! (laughter) Now don't get me wrong…...I know back in the day there may have been some other motives to meeting musicians, but now I love to meet them because I love the music they play! On any given day or night, you can meet a musician stopping in for a "blues fix", and that's just what happened one night at BB's.

Recently, BB's Jazz, Blues, and Soups held a harmonica jam - see Harmonica Hurricane review. I like to stand by the door for the fresh air when I'm not chatting it up or dancing by the stage. Paul Rosko walked in with that “I’m new in town" look on his face. He heard the music from outside and wanted to check it out. He started a conversation with Paul Stewart, BB's Door-Guy, and I overheard him say he was a musician from San Diego. That's all I needed to hear before I "butted in" on their chat! (laughter) I wanted to get to know more about this wandering musician and what brought him into BB's, so I asked!

Miss Vickie: "What brings you to St. Louis?"

Guitar Paul Rosko: "My name is Guitar Paul Rosko and I'm in St. Louis for a convention at the center for an internet business with about 25 thousand other people from Friday thru Sunday. I was looking in the paper when Toz the concierge helped me out. What a facilitator that guy is. He directed me to this part of town. I started walking around. I have to have my blues fix, when I found BB's was having a harmonica jam. I'm a guitar player from San Diego. When I heard the music, I knew God sent me to the right place!"

He came to hear the music and relax. Paul and I had a really nice chat that evening between sets. Here's the skinny...
Paul has played guitar for 45 years. He lives in San Diego. He had to stop playing in a band when his business took off. He plays several styles of guitar, slide, bass and recently picked up the Mexican Stratocastor. Wow! He's been playing the blues for about the last 10-12 years and really enjoys Booker T. Who doesn't? (laughter)

I want to highlight this interview with some blues news! Many of you like to travel or may be reading this from the San Diego area...if so, here's some festival news you can use!

Saturday April 7, 2007, from 11:30AM thru 6:63PM

Be sure to check out the 8th Annual Spring Harmonica Festival. The festival is located in LaMesa, Ca. behind Grossmont High School. This festival raises money, awareness, and instruments for the Girls Club of San Diego Music Program. Some of you may have heard of a "Blues in the Schools" program sponsored by Blues Societies in the neighborhoods and this fund raiser is very similar. Instrument recycling, and the opportunity to experience blues music is provided to these girls who may not have had the means otherwise. A great idea and a great program! "Guitar" Paul is the stage manager. There's a lot of work! Chet Cannon handles the promotions. I'm looking forward to meeting Chet, someday. He's known as "The Shouter"! Can you guess he's a singer? (laughter) He plays harmonica, sings and runs all of the promotions in California, according to "Guitar" Paul. Chet loves people and is a good "mixer"...he loves the blues...you gotta want to meet a guy like that! His band is Chet Cannon and the Commitee. They will be playing this year at the Spring Harmonica Festival along with Billy Watson, Nathan James and Jr. Watson, "Big" Al Blake from the L.A. area, West of Memphis, a "jump" blues band, and the International Submarine Band with Guitar Paul Rosko, and many others. A fun time to be had by all!

Like so many other blues organizations, Chet and Paul also hold benefits to support musicians who may be sick or of failing health. "We support each other", says GPR.

It was a pleasure meeting "Guitar Paul Rosko and hearing stories about the San Diego blues scene. They like to pary just like us! Woohoo! Thanks Paul! I'm looking forward to meeting up with you again.
So now you know where to go in San Diego, Saturday April 7, 2007!
If you go, let me know how much fun you had!

You can check out more about the 8th Annual Spring Harmonica Festival at www.springharpfest.org. I know you'll have a great time!

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