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(South Side) Cindy Youngren
The Band:

Cindy Youngren - vocals
Dan Diefendorf - drums
Steve Youngren - guitar
Jim Donahue - keyboards
E Johnson - bass
Wendy Gossett - vocals

Their crowds love the blues, but also come for the energy and excitement of the show. Their CDs always gain national attention on the blues radio airwaves. (See www.RootsMusicReport.com)

(South Side) Cindy Youngren was born in Brimfield, IL where she been singing since Sunday School. She continued to sing and write at every opportunity and joined a band from the day she turned 16 and was able to drive to the gigs. She is a triple threat as a song writer, vocalist and performer and has always given every bit of energy to the audience. Her talent and class on stage never fail the crowd.

Dan (Diego) Diefendorf comes from Peoria, Illinois where nobody can even remember when Dan was not a drummer in Peoria. Through jazz, jump blues, and every field of study, Dan's diversity and delivery are unbelievable.

James Patrick Donahue III brings the keyboards all the way from poppin' B3, to groovin' piano and never ceases to bring the fun. Jim reigns from Peoria, Illinois and comes to us with years of studio and touring experience. He has layed down the keys for South Side Cindy since 1998.

E we only know about from the last 4 years since he has been a member of the mighty mighty Slip-Tones. Before that we presume E learned to play bass in prison or something, and maybe that's why nobody uses his full name.

Wendy Gossett (West Side Wendy) is originally from Champaign, Illinois. She has toured singing back up with Dave Chastain and is secretly a drummer. She originally joined The Slip-Tones in 2002 and is now key in providing great vocals as well as acoustic guitar.

Steven D Youngren hales from Sunnyland, Illinois where from the age of 13 his electric guitar began to ring through the streets and festivals. At one point, Steve played in Albany Quest with Jeff Smucker, but his favorite band from back in the day was Gunboat Willy and The Blind Quivvers. Well, it was his favorite band name anyway.


Coming Soon


South Side Cindy & The Slip-Tones :: Tryin' Too Hard
South Side Cindy & The Slip-Tones :: Dreams And Games

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Drum kit
Bass Amp
Fender Twin or comp. guitar Amp
Keyboard Amp
5 vocal mics Sure 58s or comp.
Lead vocal mic stand should be round-bass
2 DIs for Keyboards and 1 DI for Acoustic Guitar

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We need 4 rooms. & our top fee is $2500.
Bottled Water and Diet Coke is all we require

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