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'Cornbread'By Cornbread

Greg Koch @ Fazio’s
{8/29/05 | St. Louis, Missouri}

Greg Koch @ Fazio’sHal Leonard Guitar Workshop Tour 2005 hosted by Greg Koch. Koch is not only fluent with the Telecaster, he is an artist/clinician for Fender, bandleader, studio musician, Guitar One contributor and co-authored Hal Leonard Guitar Method. Who better to lead a guitar clinic, after all? Greg Koch did write the book, and the second, and the third, etc. Greg plays his own combination of bluesy-country-funkafied and rock and he's probably one of the best chickin’ pickers around.

Greg played to a packed show room at Fazio’s Frets & Friends in Manchester, Missour, easily equal to the crowd of a Stones concert or the original Woodstock some 36 years ago. The clinic was filled with plenty of chickin’ pickin’ and Greg’s quirky, razor sharp wit. Koch is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin, where he majored in Music Theory and beer. He credits his style from the influence of Albert Lee and Mark Knopfler, Jimi Hendrix, Cream and T-Bone Walker.

What is chickin’ pickin’? It’s when the thumb plucks dead and pop same string. Sounds great on guitar. I tried it on bass – not pretty.

We heard some Johnnie B. Goode, Dire Straights, Blues In A, Merle Travis, Jazz For My Father and an instrumental little ditty from his soon to be released CD “Four Days In The South”.

Greg played through a Fender Cyber Twin and used a Diabolical Gristle Tone Manipulator Pedal. Read more about Greg at his site www.gregkoch.com. Visit Fazios at www.faziosmusic.com and if you are looking for a unique 40th birthday gift for yours truly they have a really nice Suhr four string bass (see photo)… ?

Ciao' for now, peace.
Peter 'Cornbread' Cohen, CBP
~ Cornbread@STLBlues.net ~

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