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Tom HallTom Hall Benefit
by "Miss Vickie"
special ops./STLBLUES.NET
~ Miss Vickie@STLBlues.net ~

I met up with my old friend, Gravy Man, at the Iron Barley, Sunday February 4, 2007. We were there to show our "music community" support to a good man, Tom Hall. Now, Gravy Man has never been to the Iron Barley before, until today. He saw one of the best shows of community spirit I have witnessed to date. Gravy Man was unfamilliar with Tom Hall's work as a resophonic guitar player. He found out, in a big way, how great Tom Hall is, and how much Tom is loved and admired by this city.

Some time ago, Tom Hall had his 1932 National steel guitar stolen from his truck after a gig. Tom plays on wednesday evenings at the Iron Barley. Tom Coghill, owner of the Iron Barley, was Tom Coghill & Bob Caseapproached by his bartender, Jackie, about doing a resophonic guitar show to raise money to replace Tom Hall's guitar. Tom added to this idea by offering all of the money raised that evening for food and beer to be donated to Tom Hall. Tom Coghill contacted musician Bob Case to help put the show together. Bob Case plays a resophonic guitar and is familliar with many musicians who play this style of music.

Bob contacted several musicians, who were eager to assist, as well as Channel 2 News, KDHX Community Radio, and Bill McClellan of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Bill had written an article about Tom Hall's loss, so Bob Case thought it might be a good story for Bill to write, as a completion of his first story with a happy ending. You see, Tom Hall was presented a 1931 National steel guitar to replace the 1932 guitar stolen from his truck.

Tom Coghill's wife, Geralyn, had found a 1931 National steel on line in California. Tom purchased the guitar days before the show to raise money to buy a replacement guitar for Tom Hall. It was a complete surprise to Tom Hall and many of the supporting fans, when Tom Coghill presented the 1931 National steel midway thru the show. What a sight! Tom Coghill wanted to see Tom Hall cryRon Edwards, Tom Hall & Bob Case and he got his wish. Tom Hall is a shy man, so the entire evening was very overwhelming and then the new guitar....what's a mother to do? The crowd settled down , Tom tuned his new guitar and played.

Brian Curran opened the show and was spectacular as always. Kevin Butterfield, who plays Friday and Saturday evenings at the Iron Barley, brought to the gig, his grandfather's guitar. One of many special treats of the evening! Ron Edwards, with KDHX Community Radio, continued providing excellent entertainment by joining up with Bob Case. The crowd was witness to a very rare presentation of his Triple Cone National steel guitar. This guitar NEVER leaves the house! How spectacular! Pablo Meshuggi, also with Kdhx, brought in his Triple Cone. The room was packed with resophonic guitars!

Bob Case brought in his National steel guitar that Tom Hall learned on and played for many years. Bob had long since bought the guitar. Tom had to find another one, thus the birth of the 1932 National. Bob gave Tom his guitar to use for the evening. Tom took the stage to play his old guitar. John Higgins and Charlie Pfeffer joined Tom Hall. Charlie had previously lent Tom one of his Nationals when Tom's 1932 was stolen. The music commnunity, both fans and musicians, topped the charts with love, at the Iron Barley, that night! Leroy Pierson played in his masterful style and was later joined by Bob Case. What a night of GREAT MUSIC!

The Iron Barley raised enough money, that night, to reimburse Tom Coghill and donate the remaining balance to the music school at St. Frances Cabrini Academy.

As a show of thanks, Tom Coghill is cooking! The Iron Barley will be serving an appreciation dinner, Sunday February 11, 2007. The doors will open at 4:00 PM with music beginning at 6:00 PM and ending at 10:00 PM. Headlining will be Tom Hall. Tom will be joined on stage with many of his friends.

I'd like to send a special "Thanks!" to everyone that helped make this happen. Tom and Geralyn Coghill, Jackie, Bob Case, Francine Case (video), Andrew Case (video), Brian Curran, Kevin Butterfield (and his grandfather), Ron Edwards, John Higgens, Charlie Pfeffer, Leroy Pierson, Pablo Meshuggi, Bill McClellan, Teresa Woodard (Channel 2 News), KDHX Community Radio 88.1 FM (for helping to spread the word on the air), Gravy Man (he drank alot of beer) and Tom Hall!

The Iron Barley is located on Virginia Avenue, just north of Bates.

Check out the website at www.ironbarley.com.
Contact Bob Case online at bobcasemusician.com
Brian Curran is online at briantcurran.com
Leroy Pierson is online right here!
Listen to Ron Edwards on KDHX 88.1 FM on Sunday evenings from 7-8pm

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