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'Cornbread'By Cornbread

Jack’s Blues : A Soulful Tribute To Jack BuckJack’s Blues : A Soulful Tribute To Jack Buck
An Anthology by St. Louis’ Finest Musicians
{2002 | Blueberry Hill Records}

This CD is a homerun! I was at Border’s perusing the local section and came across a stack of these. I picked it up and thought ‘holy *#@!’ this is all St. Louis folks, this CD will be great, and it is. Proceeds from the sale of Jack’s Blues will be donated to the American Parkinson Disease Association in honor of Baseball’s Hall of Famer and the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals Jack Buck, who passed away June 19, 2002.

On any given night with a Bud in hand stroll around Soulard and these are the sounds you’ll here. Odds are it would be any number of these 70 plus musicians, the gems of St. Louis – honor them and appreciate them! Thanks for what you do. Cornbread

To the music –

1. Jack’s Blues – Southernaire. This song has horns, harmonica, deep backing vocals, electric guitar and Michele Isam singing lead, the outcome is a Soulard Soulful Song.

2. Time After You – Fairchild. A jazzy swingin’ tune. Connie Fairchild has an awesome voice.

3. Last Call – Danny Liston. A great tune, the chorus is fantastic, bits of guitar, plenty of organ.

4. Rain Delay – Steve Pecaro. An inspiring instrumental – I liked it.

5. Hey Little Bird – Hudson & The Hoo Doo Cats. Blues, blues, blues, I liked this song a lot.

6. It Don’t Matter – Soulard Blues Band with Larry Thurston. Probably my favorite track. This song is outstanding add the vocals of Thurston to SBB, it has to be good.

7. Can’t Give You Up – The Belairs. Another great blues song, Pruitt has a great rockabilly blues voice, the guitar was good, even enjoyed the trumpet fills.

8. Everything – The Heaters. This song has classic R&B sound, for two minutes you get a taste of Dan Gibbons gritty distorted guitar to finish out the song.

9. Nite Dancer – Oliver Sain. Classic Oliver Sain, yea it’s a great sax tune.

10. Why Do Ya Do – The Orbits. Acoustic and electric blues, a little slide guitar and well harmonized vocals. I liked Bernadette Randle’s organ solo.

11. Chance Of a Lifetime – Mama’s Pride. Where have these guys been? They sound better than ever.

12. Channel JB – Dangerous Kitchen. There is just something great about a blues song with the organ as lead, this instrumental is no exception. Although, you can’t overlook the guitar playing Dave Black hangs on as does bassist Dan Eubanks (thanks for the bass solo, we need more of those).

13. Problems No More – Rx Blues. This could be my other favorite track, the guitar rocks.

14. River's Edge/Against All Odds - Billy Barnett. Check this song out, it's got a bunch of thumpin' and poppin' bass playing, it's kind of funky, bluesy - it's dynamite! Vocals start 3 minutes into song, not a bad intro.

15. BB's Revival - Southernaire. Oddly enough this CD starts and ends with Southernaire. This is a cool song, my daughter heard it on the way to school and was singing along. BB's stands for BB's Jazz, Soups and Blues.

"That's a winner"

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